Old Three Hundred Capital is an Austin, TX based real estate private equity firm, with acquisition, construction, asset management and private lending models operating throughout Central Texas.
Our management team’s background in real estate, finance and law, coupled with our expansive network, provides investors, borrowers and lenders opportunities to create, build and preserve wealth.


Founded in 2014 by three young entrepreneurs with backgrounds in real estate, finance, and law, Old Three Hundred Capital looks to invest private equity in value-add, buy-and-hold, and development opportunities throughout Austin and Central Texas. Through our Founders' diverse backgrounds, as well as a thorough understanding of real estate fundamentals and the drivers that move Central Texas markets, Old Three Hundred maximizes investor returns while also establishing excellent longterm appreciation plays.
Named for the 300 settlers who received the first land grants to colonize Texas, our firm strives to emulate the same adventurous spirit and fearlessness that led to the creation of our great state.


After years of living all around the country, three old friends finally converged in Austin to fulfill a long-held goal of starting their own business. Through prior experience, preexisting connections, and a general passion for the industry, real estate became the chosen field for our startup private equity firm.
With little more than the cash in our checking accounts and a single connection to an interested investor, we purchased our first two apartment buildings and have been off and running ever since. We continue to passionately pursue projects and investments every day, and are always eager to hear about new business opportunities across Central Texas and beyond.


Old Three Hundred employs a multi-strategy real estate private equity platform focused on opportunistic, value-add and core-plus investment opportunties across both residential and retail markets in Central Texas. Old Three Hundred utilizes its network and knowledge of local markets to source undervalued, distressed, and mismanaged assets.
Residential Private Equity: Old Three Hundred invests primarily in class B & C assets; across single family, as well as small and large scale multi-family properties. Holding period differs based on asset class, size and exit plan.
Retail Private Equity: Old Three Hundred invests in retail in areas experiencing rapid gentrication and density increases.
Development: Old Three Hundred's development strategy focuses on covered land, fringe areas, density increases, and zoning changes to create value. .


We also engage in opportunistic private debt financing. Debt opportunities are assessed on a number of factors but are primarily underwritten on the property's after repair value (ARV). Old Three Hundred will lend on deals as small as $10,000 and as a large as $10,000,000 on various stages of development, rehabilitation and ground-up construction.