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Recession-resistant real estate investment and intelligent venture capital.
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Value-Add Real Estate Investment and Intelligent Venture Capital for Every Economy

We combine intelligent, informed underwriting and operational expertise with proprietary modeling and software, to source and invest in some of the market’s most exciting alternative investment opportunities and recession-resistant real estate strategies.

Real Estate The OTH Difference

Since 2014, Old Three Hundred Capital has acquired more than 80 separate real estate assets and seen more than 40 of those investments through to sale. In that time, we have developed a tried-and-true investment thesis and model that we apply to each and every investment.

Natural Selection

Leveraging intelligent, informed underwriting, operational expertise, and proprietary modeling and software, we source and invest in some of the markets’ most exciting alternative investment opportunities and recession-resistant real estate strategies.

Guided by analytics and a proven but flexible investment thesis, we maximize asset efficiencies and performance to regularly produce outsized returns.


We utilize our expansive network of industry professionals to find the best opportunities in the market, both on and off-market.


We employ our experience and expert negotiating skills to acquire properties for the most competitive price possible.


By applying our fully vertical platform of affiliate companies and our proprietary asset management software to each property, we are able to control costs and maximize efficiencies in our efforts to drive rents and reduce expenses.


Once stabilized, investors enjoy the passive income that comes with a mature, smart investment in multi-family real estate.


We take an opportunistic investment approach to sales and when the timing and offer align in a way that maximizes returns for our investors, we look to sell.

OTH Ventures looks to form partnerships with early stage companies seeking everything from seed to growth capital, to help entrepreneurs realize their goals.

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